Virus Creates Space for New Thinking

Virus Creates Space for New Thinking


No, this isn’t the New Normal. The world is in a holding pattern, as familiar systems and structures are replaced by temporary ones, giving us the sense of living between worlds.

We have no idea what the New Normal is going to look like. It would be a mistake to think we do. The corona virus is creating new life conditions in a way that would have been unimaginable just a few months ago.

Space for new thinking

It is easier to accept the uncertainty of this interim period if we can hold hope in our hearts that there is a silver lining in the cloud of global pandemic. What is that silver lining? The corona virus is creating space for new thinking to emerge.

New worldviews that are latent within us may emerge, or not, during crisis

Every single person is facing a new reality right now. Each one is coping in their own way. Some are up-stretching, searching for new, ways to think, ways that can help them cope and make sense of it all. Whilst others are down-stretching, yearning for a return to simpler times and the good old days, when we believed that technology could solve everything.

This interim period gives us time to ponder life’s important questions

It’s as if someone has pressed a PAUSE BUTTON, forcing every one of us to stop from the busyness, giving us time to ponder important questions.

Questions like, ‘What’s really important to me?’ ‘What is life really all about?’ And most importantly, ‘What needs to change?’

The new global life conditions are creating space for Team Humanity to stop, reflect, and take new action, as never before. Whilst there is much suffering, there is also a great outpouring of love in countless acts of service from one human to one another. Even the simple act of staying home is an act of love.

The 14th Century Plague led to new thinking

We know from history that new paradigms come on strong during crisis. The scientific-materialistic worldview emerged following the 14th Century Plague. The European population was reduced by an estimated 30% to 60%, and it took 200 years to recover to previous levels.

New worldviews are emerging

It is easy to spot the emergence of new worldviews in agriculture, a sector that has already been in crisis for some time. Our division, 3LM, demonstrates how we can apply new thinking to regenerate Earth’s natural habitats through the production of food and fibre in a holistically-informed way.

Join our webinar, ‘It’s Never Too Late: Starting My Life’s Work at 70’, to hear farmer Roger Dixon-Spain describe the paradigm shift that helped him discover his life’s purpose late in life.

Strange… but that is what paradigm shifts are, scary, and the commitment that inevitably comes with them which is to act, and not hold back.

— Roger Dixon-Spain

What will the new paradigm look like?

Interestingly, the more we explore and test, the more we do not presume to have any idea of what the new paradigm will look like.

Why? In this interim period before The New Normal emerges, we are all being stimulated to question every basic assumption around how we organise ourselves on Earth. This will be a decades-long process that is needed to assure a viable planet and to equip Team Humanity to fulfil a worthy role in Universe.

How can we support new thinking in ourselves?

It is important during crisis not to jump to premature solutions, even though the temptation is there to do so. Very often, the obvious solutions, such as to develop a vaccine, do not address the underlying root cause of the problem, and may actually make the situation worse, because they come from the very same thinking that led to the problem in the first place.

A critical first step is to use this interim period to discover the true underlying root cause, so that we address the problem, not just symptoms.

Be Warned! You are already involved.

You might be thinking to yourself, ‘Am I part of this too?’ You most certainly are. During this interim period, we are literally navigating a major leap for mankind, and every single one of us is needed to make the transition.

Just accept that every day is going to be different. And, every day takes us one step closer to a New Normal that is beyond our imagination.


  1. A fascinating article.
    I’ve found the pause very interesting and thought provoking.

    Stay safe

    Be great to catch-up

  2. Well thought and beautifully formulated Sheila! Hope all is well with you both.. 💕

  3. Sheila
    thanks for your thoughts

    Yes we are in a phase transition- intermediate period and the new phase -new normal will begin to emerge.

    Just one more question:

    What makes us think and believe that it will be still us to dominate the new phase?

  4. Michelle Le Vieux
    Friday 1 May 2020, 9:48 am

    Hi Sheila and Christopher
    This was a very engaging read and you positioned finding the ‘new normal’ to be an exciting journey.

    In the media, there is an abundance of critiques of and how to ‘fix’ the political, economic, social …. systems that have attributed to our current situation. Although I am longing for some answers and find may of these critiques thought-provoking I usually feel quite empty after reading. They seem to be addressing the issues from a high systems level but not chunking it right down to examining the chance that will be needed in each persons ‘ stance’.

    Then when I try to explore the role of how these various systems have both insidiously and overtly influenced/created the way I make decisions I do not seem to find the really incisive challenging question that will lead to real aha moments. I feel like I am one of the two fish in the story of two fish swimming in a bowl have a conversation. ‘Water? ‘ ‘What’s water?’.

    There are lots of people taking time in Lockdown to do self-reflection and inner work and creative art and hobbies they have not had time for previously. Many beautiful stories abound.

    But there is a big gap between this and taking ownership of our collective role in creating the world today.
    And I am saddened when some who I look to as high-level thought-leaders in their personal life are still trading nonrenewable resources on the stock market.

    I am looking for those incisive questions that will enable me to stretch up, take a bigger view, and have the courage to take action on these new insights. No more bending down into comfortable small perspectives

    Thank you both for being such guiding lights in my journey.

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    • Daer Aaren, Apologies I was not aware that there was a problem with its image. Do you wish me to remove it or may we continue to use it with correct acknowledgement.
      Best regards.

      PS apologies for the delay in getting back to you as I have been off work for the last 3 weeks.

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