Being you, being me — successful contracting for coaching in an ‘Integral Age’

Being you, being me — successful contracting for coaching in an ‘Integral Age’

Recall your experience of the last ten years. What have you observed that might be signs of significant change? What is your sense of these observations? What are your coping strategies for what you observe? How might your new awareness signal the need for a re-examination of every basic assumption upon which we rely to navigate our lives, organisations, societies and countries, on what Buckminster Fuller described as our ‘Spaceship Earth’? Perhaps, I suggest, we are now facing as a species, a once-in-14.7 billion-year challenge to discover how to navigate ourselves towards viability for both plants and species.

In this article, I wish to offer a point of view that the practise of coaching is poised to make a leap as a direct response to the present and anticipated life conditions and to fully emerge as a ‘pioneering profession’ to lead self and other into a new paradigm. To achieve this, I propose, will require a jump in thinking which will influence the nature of the coaching contract, practise, metrics, and client attraction in a fundamental manner…

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Being You Being Me

This prescient article, by Christopher Cooke, was first published in 2008, in, “The International Journal of Coaching in Organizations”, and is just as relevant today. Used here with permission.


  1. I am so deeply depressed that at one point scuicide was being rationalised in my mind, I was at the end. But yet deep down I knew there is so much knowledge gained, I cannot sign out without giving life my all. I am yet unable to ‘act’. Personal emergence is my freedom, I cannot believe I have found this website. Only 20 minutes in and I am gobsmacked, I need to understand this properly and read things over twice. But I will.

  2. Christopher Cooke
    Friday 1 May 2020, 1:57 pm

    Dear Muneeb, I have reached out to you by email. I am delighted by your positive response. Best regards. Christopher

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