It Starts With Me!

It Starts With Me!

It is 17 years since Christopher set out to pioneer the experiment known as 5 Deep, in order to delve deeply into the question, “How to release beneficial innovation and apply it on a large scale?”

The journey quickly became one of seeking out those who were offering answers to improbable questions.

  • How do we go beyond organic?
  • How do we clean sewage water without chemicals?
  • How to remove our dependency on hydrocarbons as fuels?
  • In fact, how do we move beyond sustainability?

The pursuit of such improbable questions led to the discovery of Factor 100 Innovation – the kind of innovation that completely reframes our understanding of how to meet basic human needs on our densely populated planet.

In support of this experiment, Christopher developed metaphors and practices to accelerate the release of an Integral perspective. He discovered and aligned a think-and-do tank of Integral thought leaders, and pioneered the first web-based Integral cultural scanning service.

The big conclusion, so far, in mobilising human change and innovation is that through the application of an Integral perspective we are working essentially with the choice-making patterns and dynamics of the human holon, in the context of the Kosmic holarchy.

To set the tone for the next phase of 5 Deep’s experiment, here are words from Jacob Needleman’s recent book, An Unknown World: Notes on the Meaning of the Earth.

There are fundamental problems of human life that cannot be resolved by organizing outward perception alone, but which simultaneously and inescapably require the active energy of inner perception.

Hence, 5 Deep’s maxim is, “It starts with me!”

We remain committed to our experiment, contributing in our own way, to resolving the “fundamental problems of human life”, by sparking the latent capacities of the human mind.

Christopher and Sheila Cooke


  1. This sounds like a great experiment. I’m interested in your training

    • Hi Jenny,

      We are glad to hear you are interested in our training. We have a new 2015 course calendar published. Go to and click on training. We moved our March London course to April.

      If you’d like us to call you to give you more information, please let me know.

      Best regards,
      Sheila Cooke
      +44 (0) 7446 780081

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