Someone’s Got to Supply the Framework

Someone’s Got to Supply the Framework

Someone’s Got to Supply the Framework

It is clear that when managing complexity, we have much to learn. Research shows that frameworks are essential to becoming a human that is well-adapted to complexity.


The paradigms that many are beginning to transition toward are known as integral and holistic, and are unlike anything prior. They represent a major leap, and require us to press the pause button. If you find yourself questioning every basic assumption about how life works, and about how to live our lives and run our society, then you know your journey is well underway.


We’ve searched the world over, and found only two frameworks that support the mind to go beyond the conventional way of thinking. The Holistic Management Framework developed by Allan Savory and the Human Emergence Framework developed by Clare W. Graves, both stimulate humanity to develop the capacity to resolve complex problems.

Born twenty-one years before Savory, Graves made this prescient remark which predicts the need for something like the Holistic Management Framework:

“We can’t make the Green to Yellow Transition (i.e. the leap into the integral paradigm) until someone like me comes up with a new way of thinking about whatever the problems are, because someone’s got to supply the framework.” Clare W. Graves


As if on cue, Savory spotted from his personal experience that human psychology gets in the way of the transition to a new paradigm.


“But when a new idea goes against our experience, knowledge, and prejudices – what we know rather than what we think – our mind blocks it out, distorts it, or rebels against it. This inability to accept new ideas outside prevailing beliefs is called the paradigm effect, and none of us can escape it.” Allan Savory


Highly compatible, the two frameworks help us to comprehend and manage succession, each in their own way. (Succession refers to a process by which a plant, animal, or human community gives way to another until stability is reached.)


The Holistic Management Framework deals with succession in nature by enabling us to choose tools wisely by anticipating the outcome a particular tool will have on ecosystem process function. The Human Emergence Framework deals with succession of the human mind by enabling us to release barriers to human emergence (succession).


We weave together these two frameworks in all our training, starting with Holistic Management Fundamentals, where we first learn how to make holistically-informed decisions, and we introduce the human stages of development to help individuals make sense of self in their surrounding world.


When practised together, these two frameworks support the transition to a new paradigm that has the capacity to cope with wicked problems.


  1. Hi Christopher. John Smith here. I hope all has been well.
    I thought I would respond to Graves comment. I believe that the yellow and green that he mentioned was visionary at the time but not correct with current knowledge. As you have said we live three Memes at one time. An exiting, our current, and our next step. We must be in turquoise then, to be fully a second tier perspective individual and consciousness. I see too many people still stuck in green. Their feet locked in the concrete of exiting first tier. As you said to fully exit the green meme they must fully dig deep into the red life force as well as the blue limitations and restrictions to the life force energy residing in each of them. Once they get through the blue restrictions on life force that have been built into their gene pool through the epigenetic events of that time they can exit first tier green with ease and grace. In the last few years I’ve seen the process that I’ve been using able to do this for clients. In essence create new epigenetic events to balance and replace (transcend and include) the old. I thought I would share this with you to see what your experience and perspective would bring. Looking forward to reading your thoughts
    Lolv John

  2. Original John Smith
    Tuesday 19 June 2018, 11:05 am

    Hi John,

    It is so great to hear from you – I hope all’s well?

    Here are my thoughts –

    Graves’ research clearly showed a shift in thinking emerging in his research subjects – Of the sample base it seems that this was approaching some 20% of his subjects at that time (1976). The challenge was that until 1968 after 18 years of the initial research he did not know what to look for as the patterns of this new way of was “beyond belief”. Turquoise was much more speculative with only 5 subjects by 1978. This understanding of Turquoise has been further refined following the field trails in South Africa (1974 to 1995) and the ongoing research enquiry that we have pursued since 1997.

    So you are correct that 2nd Tier thinking is quite rare. The Theory shows that it is Life Conditions (LC’s) that stimulate the shift. Clearly LC’s for Level 7 are upon us as we recognise the fragility of life on Earth. LC’s for Turquoise, level 8, are also upon us as ’the viability of life on the planet is under threat! “ We are literally experiencing ‘a boiled frog syndrome.’
    I argue that at one level LC’s for Coral are upon us as we are really not able to respond and the decline of earths’ ecosystem is accelerating towards its next singularity. James Lovelock is probably closest to the truth!

    The transition through green is essential, yet challenging, as this worldview has an internal struggle to resolve as the being starts the migration to becoming fully human and free from the ‘drives’ of the first tier. One can examine the present normative LC’s that really require a strong tail-end of first tier compliance to avoid being cast-out! It is a tough journey as one learns to be at one with The-All. (I recall a stone wall build who wrote -“I am never alone I am always in the company of stone!”

    The life conditions for the transit through Green are inward focused and mainly handle loneliness – You are correct that a new expressive self speaks through their repertoire as the evolutionary impulse strives to equip the being with a new injection of expressive energies that sustain their passage through green. (Red cuts loose and is experienced as anger, but anger with self, as blue and orange become bio-chemically modulated) High rigidity and high dogma make the ‘being lived by their innate biases’ transition through green a challenge to self and others. Exiting green is an adventure into the experience that “everything I believed to be true is flawed and I can now prove it!” Here is the space for the redefinition of their recognition of a power greater than self, and the emergence of a new overarching purpose – yes the capacities of Blue are redefined through Yellow. Here also are the origins of a second tier science with an ability to focus on what’s evident through your senses and seek the truth as if all life depended upon it! Sheila and I use the story of the life of Allan Savory as one of the best documented case studies of such a journey; His work on Holistic Management is a truly second tier transitionary support framework. Most do not recognise this and prefer to let their ‘instinctive’ reaction to Allan’s, often terse, demeanour dominate their opinion. (Working with the flow of life’s processes leads to a very different science and practice!).

    The tussle between 1st and 2nd Tier science is being best expressed through soil and land management as soil is failing fast – Only 40 harvest left so many would say in Eastern UK; The UN offers that only 60 Harvests left globally in many soils. It is clear that declining soil, plant and animal health has been offering us clear signs of the root cause of social, economic and ecological demise. How on Earth can anyone sit back with the hard reality that the basis of all civilisations, and our very existence on this planet, is disappearing at over 70 billion tonnes per year. (For every tonne of food grown, 70 billion tonnes of soil are destroyed). I find it amazing that after 14 billion years of the creative evolution of Universe that we can even have such a conversation about 40 or 60 years of harvest remaining, without it being classed as the most significant wake up call for our species!

    John, If you have stuff that works it needs to be out there ! Intentional epigenetics, that release the biological phase-lag of personal change, whilst assisting the mind make new meaning, along with the stimulus of latent 2nd tier awareness using Psycho-active stimulants such as Human Emergence and Holistic Management Frameworks are most certainly a second tier transitionary technology of today. Not just because they legitimise personal growth, but because they also lead to solutions that can address the complexity, and assure a new quality of life, as viable species of a viable planet. (Outperforming the current norms by factors of 10 is the best way to find 2nd Tier thinking as they work with nature.)

    So John, Your work like ours, along with many others, currently sits at the edge of civilisation as we know it. This is why Sheila and I are committed to “Imagineering a Regenerative Layer”.
    I am glad that you wrote your query and I look forward to more…

    Best regards.


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