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Solonics Level II — Whole System Practicum


Today’s problems come from yesterday’s solutions.

Peter Senge

This practicum is a learning laboratory to equip participants with knowledge and skills for catalysing the emergence of new thinking in others – the kind of thinking needed to handle present-day complexity.

In this five-day practicum participants are mentored in the application of the Solonic Quantum Leap, an integral process that works at any scale. Participants work in teams addressing real-life Big Questions brought by executives from the local area. Solonics is an elegantly simple approach to whole system change that releases latent human potential.

Outline Agenda:

  • Day 1 – Consolidate Solonic knowledge. Introduce the Solonic Quantum Leap.
  • Day 2 – Executives provide a brief on their real-life Big Questions. Teams begin working on the Big Question.
  • Day 3 – Teams continue working on the Big Question.
  • Day 4 – Executives return and teams deliver a client experience.
  • Day 5 – Apply the Solonic Quantum Leap to your own area of interest.

Here is how it works. Teams of participants are assigned an executive case study. Executives brief teams on their big questions. Teams assess the degree of alignment within the organisation using “culture scanning” tools and techniques. Teams apply the Solonic Quantum Leap, then design and deliver a client experience.

On the last day, participants apply the Solonic Quantum Leap to their own arena of interest, and experience a reframing and refinement of inner and outer purpose, business model and strategy. Participants depart invigorated with increased knowledge, skills and confidence to support whole system change from an integral perspective in the work they do and the life they live.

Which competencies are developed?

Participants mesh existing skills with new competencies to build an enduring whole system change practice.

The programme develops and refines abilities to utilise a holistic, comprehensive and systematic method that releases latent capacities for the participant.

  1. Gain rapport with clients by creating the life conditions needed for the client to be open to doing the deep work needed for meaningful and productive change.
  2. Mentor clients in a meaningful manner to create insights, remove barriers, and equip them to develop solutions that work.
  3. Critique and diagnose any situation from a Solonic perspective.
  4. Fully recognise one’s own stance, or “Solonic Address.”
  5. Scan for the active Coping Mechanisms (vMEMEs) across individuals, groups, and business / social systems.
  6. Communicate, organise and manage whole system change with full regard to the life conditions, the Coping Mechanisms, and the associated Change Responses active in a given context.

How does learning occur?

In addition to going deeper on theory we introduce practical templates such as the Solonics Quantum Leap (a general process template that works at any scale.) We polish prior knowledge and practices, then add more layer-by-layer. The learning occurs as a journey from “Open Curiosity” to “Unfolding Wisdom” over five days.


  • Theoretical templates that bring fresh insights to leadership for individual and collective meaning-making.
  • How individual and collective bias stems from Coping Mechanisms.
  • A systematic approach to developing individual and organisational thrival using the World System Template, the Gravesian Templates, and the Solonics Quantum Leap.
  • How business models and approaches (Quality Assurance, Benchmarking, SAP, etc.) influence the overall alignment and flow of an organisation.
  • How individualised human resource management can contribute to human emergence.
  • How to spot and release the latent innovation potential within organisations.
  • How the stance, state, and function of the practitioner impacts the final outcome.

Be able to…

  • Utilise all aspects of your Solonic skills and knowledge.
  • Engage a client using the Solonic Quantum Leap.
  • Interpret in greater depth the 5 Deep Vital Signs Instruments for individuals and groups.
  • Discover a refreshed sense of, “what business I am really in.”
  • Conduct an Integral Critique of a challenge or situation.


  • So much more is possible with whole systems change inside organisations than I ever dreamed.”
  • “This has stretched me to let go of my models of organisation, and to trust more holistic approaches.”


Any one of the following meets the prerequisite for this Solonics Level II programme.

  • Solonics Level I
  • Spiral Dynamics Level I
  • Spiral Dynamics Integral (SDi) Level I Foundations Programme
  • The Graves Technology Level I

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is essential for those responsible for designing, planning, or implementing whole system change. This workshop is applicable for business, non-profit, education, and government sector leadership and those responsible for the success of new organizational initiatives. This is a high quality and in-depth event for bringing together those who wish to collaborate as part of a growing cohort of Solonic practitioners and master practitioners.


A Solonic Level II certificate of completion will be issued.

Who are the trainers? 

Christopher and Sheila Cooke of 5 Deep are recognised internationally for their pioneering application of integral thinking. They operate as educators, advisors, mentors and speakers. They have a combined 30+ years experience pioneering comprehensive change efforts across all sectors in 15+ countries in the world.

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Phoenix, Arizona, USA
23-27 March 2015

London, UK
4-8 December 2015

Phoenix, Arizona, USA
23-27 January 2016


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