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Solonics Level II — Personal Emergence


Humans must prepare for a momentous leap… it is not merely a transition to a new level of existence
but the start of a new movement in the symphony of human history.

– Clare W. Graves

As the transition through a post-conventional awareness (Green) is further invited by the flowering of a post-post-conventional awareness (Yellow / Turquoise) the individual questions previously-held beliefs, experiences a redefinition of identity, simultaneously rejects and is rejected by society, and reconsiders his or her relationship with all life.

In the transition to Second Tier the individual begins to transcend fear, anger, guilt, frustration, loneliness, stuckness and enters a state of confusion. When this happens, the individual literally falls off the map. First Tier models and practises lose their lustre. The individual may choose a hermit-like lifestyle, “flying under the radar”, to protect self from derision by those who espouse conventional wisdom. Consequently, the individual may feel isolated and may be unaware that others are going through the same transition.

This is where “Personal Emergence – A Quantum Leap” comes in. This programme creates a safe space for psychological rebirth to occur. New metaphors allow fresh interpretations of “that which everybody sees.” The collegial virtual environment uplifts the individual and supports the upshift in consciousness.

Learn to way-make for self and others, and design the ambiance, flavour, and flow of your own transition.

Which competencies are developed? The ability to…

  • “Way-make” using postulates and principles, and intuitively discern your most appropriate inner and outer paths.
  • Utilise established practices that are helpful whilst being open to new methods and approaches that no one is yet talking about.
  • Recognise when you are “jousting at windmills” from the past, and respond appropriately.
  • Create with full awareness the inner and outer life conditions that nurture your own emergence.

How does learning occur?

This specialised programme follows on naturally from Solonics Level I, and goes deeper. We build on the contextual and meaning reframe of Human Emergence that is a natural consequence of Solonics Level I, and apply new knowledge, using established methods, to achieve useful application for self and others.

  • Survey yourself and up to twelve members of your social ecology, using 5 Deep Vital Signs, to develop fresh insights.
  • Participate in exercises with colleagues.
  • Experience a principle-based developmental journey starting with, “Coming to My Senses,” and ending with, “Truth in Being”.

Learn how to…

  • Heighten your senses, feelings, emotions, cognition, intuition and “soul song” as essential aspects of living experientially.
  • Create your own unique life conditions for emergence.
  • Transcend inner and outer barriers to emergence.
  • Use the Solonics Quantum Leap Diagnostic to discern and navigate holographically.
  • Appreciate your own dynamic congruence, where what was true yesterday may not be true today.
  • Utilise 5 Deep Vital Signs instruments to enable your own emergence.
  • Integrate and expand your knowledge of “The Graves Technology”, Spiral Dynamics, Spiral Dynamics Integral, and Integral Theory to support your own emergence.

Be able to…

  • Act as a clean observer of self and others – stance matters.
  • Nurture your own personal freedom and flow.
  • Develop self-referencing relationships that support mutual emergence.
  • Discern “Truth in Being.”
  • Conduct an Integral Critique of self.


  • “My soul is singing.”
  • “This integrates all I ever knew and opens my mind to what is possible.”
  • “I can discern my inner change process.”
  • “I was not going crazy – I was emerging!”


Any one of the following meets the prerequisite for this Solonics Level II programme.

  • Solonics Level I
  • Spiral Dynamics Level I
  • Spiral Dynamics Integral (SDi) Level I Foundations Programme
  • The Graves Technology Level I

Who Should Attend?

  • Practitioners of Solonics from any field or profession.
  • This is a high quality and in-depth event for practitioners who wish to collaborate as part of a growing cohort of practitioners and master practitioners.


A Solonic Level II certificate of completion will be issued.


Access the session using a computer, computer headset, and Internet connection (Ethernet, not wifi), ideally in a quiet environment with sufficient space for printed materials. Alternatively, smartphones or tablets may be used, however participation may be limited.

Sessions are conducted using Adobe Connect. See systems requirements.

Who are the trainers? 

Christopher and Sheila Cooke of 5 Deep are recognised internationally for their pioneering application of integral thinking. They operate as educators, advisors, mentors and speakers. They have a combined 30+ years experience pioneering comprehensive change efforts across all sectors in 15+ countries in the world.

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19 October — 21 October 2015


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