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Solonics Level II — Organisational Design and Alignment


The most sensitive transducer on the planet is the human being.

Professor Lucian Gill

Internally and externally aligned individuals and organisations are naturally “in flow”, resilient, innovative, thriving. Given our volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous times (VUCA), how do organisations realistically gain alignment? To what do they align?

Organisations are constructions of the mind. Very often, the minds inside an organisation have already moved on, but the shared ideals, norms, structures, systems, processes and procedures get in the way because they lag beyond the mind by a paradigm or two, or three.

The most common situation we find inside organisations can best be described by this sentence:

“The change has already happened, we are just learning to grow into it.”

Leaders can accelerate the process of “learning to grow into it” by delivering insights, removing barriers, and creating the life conditions for realignment to occur naturally.

This eight-week “Organisational Design and Alignment” virtual programme is for practitioners who wish to know how to lead organisations through a natural design and alignment process that leads to a healthy, thriving culture that holds a “life-in-total” perspective.

The programme focuses on the design and alignment of organisational culture, strategy, business systems, and stakeholders.

Which competencies are developed? The ability to…

  • Align individuals and groups around an overarching purpose and translate it to active vision, volitional mission, cultural flow and the design of internal business systems, structures, processes and procedures.
  • Integrate a perspective of quality assurance that transcends and includes all international standards within the organisational culture.

How does learning occur?

This programme follows on naturally from Solonics Level I, and goes deeper theoretically. We polish overall capability through “quick-turn action-learn” exercises, where we build on the contextual and meaning reframe that is a natural consequence of Solonics Level I, and apply new knowledge, using established methods, to achieve useful application for self and others.

  • Attend eight weekly two-hour sessions conducted over the Internet using a computer and computer headset.
  • Do several hours of “home play” between sessions, using the practitioner’s own clients (or willing friends) as the subject of inquiry.
  • Survey self and two others using 5 Deep Vital Signs online assessments to refine Coping Mechanism scanning and sensing skills.
  • Do in-class exercises with colleagues to experience a principle-based developmental journey from Base Camp to Grounded Practitioner.

You will…

  • Become familiar with the Solonics theoretical templates that bring fresh insights to leadership, individual and collective meaning-making, and the design and alignment of all aspects of organisations.
  • Gain detailed knowledge of the specific biases of individual and collective learning, meaning-making, creativeness and design.
  • Learn a systematic approach to developing individual and organisational Thrival.
  • Appreciate the role that existing business models and approaches fulfil.
  • Consider the implications of individualised HR.
  • Understand how to spot and release the latent potential of Integral Awareness within organisations.
  • Grasp how the stance, state, and function of the practitioner impacts the final outcome.
  • Discover how your existing competencies can be transcended and included.
  • Become aware of how outperformance can become the norm.

Learn how to…

  • Complete a Solonic Critique to assess the present and future state of any organisation
  • Apply a Solonic Design and Alignment awareness to any organisation of any scale, in any context
  • Interpret 5 Deep Vital Signs Instruments for Individuals and Groups.
  • Carry a refreshed sense of what business I am really in.
  • Adopt a systematic approach to cultural scanning using the Solonics Culture Scanning Checklist.

What you will experience…

  • What I now know is possible with organisations inspires me.”
  • “This has stretched me to let go of my old models of organisation and trust the new more natural approaches”


Any one of the following meets the prerequisite for this Solonics Level II programme.

  • Solonics Level I
  • Spiral Dynamics Level I
  • Spiral Dynamics Integral (SDi) Level I Foundations Programme
  • The Graves Technology Level I

Who Should Attend?

  • Practitioners of Solonics from any field or profession.
  • This is a high quality and in-depth event for practitioners who wish to collaborate as part of a growing cohort of practitioners and master practitioners.


A Solonic Level II certificate of completion will be issued.


Access the session using a computer, computer headset, and Internet connection (Ethernet, not wifi), ideally in a quiet environment with sufficient space for printed materials. Alternatively, smartphones or tablets may be used, however participation may be limited.

Sessions are conducted using Adobe Connect. See systems requirements.

Who are the trainers? 

Christopher and Sheila Cooke of 5 Deep are recognised internationally for their pioneering application of integral thinking. They operate as educators, advisors, mentors and speakers. They have a combined 30+ years experience pioneering comprehensive change efforts across all sectors in 15+ countries in the world.

Register for a 2015 Programme:

8 Virtual Sessions
5 June — 24 July 2015


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