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Culture Scanning

Individual and Cultural Alignment and Flow Surveys

We work with the bio-psycho-cultural-social patterns of individuals and groups.

The ability to scan and survey stages of development speedily, with reliability and validity, has been pioneered by 5 Deep since 2001.  Drawing upon the original work of Professor Clare W. Graves, we assess the deep dynamics of individual and personal change through the lens of stage development.


Our scanning and survey services provide the Integral insights that are needed to lead impactful interventions inside teams, groups, organisations, or even societies.

When we aggregate the indicators of personal mindset alignment and flow for the individuals of an organisation, we can map the alignment and flow of organisational culture, and highlight potential hot spots and detect weak signals. We use the survey results to educate and inform those who seek to lead change, and to provide fresh insights that lead to truly viable solutions for a thriving planet and a thriving species.

Informed leaders within an organisation can anticipate problems before they arise, and take the most effective actions and measures in response to changing life conditions.


Individuals benefit from our scanning capability by gaining an understanding of their mindset alignment and flow in the contexts of work and personal life. Used in combination with a coach or mentor, individuals can gain personal insights into the following:

  1. How well do I fit into my work context (or other social context)?
  2. What is my perception of my organisation’s culture, and what is my degree of alignment with it?
  3. How do I naturally lead change?
  4. How do I naturally process information?
  5. How ready am I for change?
  6. How is my mindset changing now?
  7. What are fresh ideas for supporting my adaptation to changing life conditions?

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