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The Intensive LEAP Experience for Expatriate / Executive Couples

Have you recently been invited to take on an expatriate assignment, or a challenging role in a new organisation? While stimulating and exciting, changes such as these can destabilise any successful marriage or partnership.

We invite you and your spouse or partner to attend LEAP Mentoring for Couples, so that you can use major career change as a stimulus to:

  • Build a new depth of mutual understanding
  • Refresh your commitment to each other
  • Discover your shared vision and purpose, and the shared ideals that will support you as a leadership couple
  • Awaken and strengthen the resilient support system that exists naturally in your relationship
You and your spouse or partner each will receive 16 hours of mentoring, some of it together, some of it separately. We travel to you, so you avoid the hassle. We meet at a , provided by you, anywhere. Here is what is included:

Two Mentors – experience impeccable support and care with two mentors attending to you at all times.
Virtual Orientation – Two weeks prior to the event, we hold a one-hour virtual session to get acquainted, orient you to the LEAP Mentoring Programme, discover your goals, and respond to your questions.
Day 1 – We eat lunch together, followed by Mentoring Session One in the afternoon.
Day 2 – Mentoring Session Two in the morning, lunch together, Mentoring Session Three in the afternoon.
Day 3 – Mentoring Session Four in the morning, celebration lunch together.
Follow-up – We hold a one-hour virtual review about 4 weeks later to support and consolidate your learning.
Notes – With your permission, we include typed notes summarizing your sessions, and we record sessions for you to playback later so that you can focus on the experience.
Trio of Assessments – We use a trio of online assessments, based upon Integral psychology, which have been tested and proven reliable with thousands of uses, to assess your personal freedom and flow, and to facilitate awareness of your internal and external adaptations.

Price for a couple: £2,000 UK | $3,200 US | € 2,400 EU | 33,000 R

To place your order, send an Email to 5 Deep.

What’s Not Included?

  • Venue rental
  • Meals, travel, accommodation expenses for mentors or mentee
  • V.A.T.


A suitable venue is away from work so that you can be uninterrupted, has access to healthy and nutritious food and drink, offers a spacious, quiet and comfortable meeting area with access to natural lighting and the out-of-doors. We like to do one or more sessions in the open air, weather and climate permitting.