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Integral Design

It’s a new day, it’s a new dawn, it’s a new man, it’s a new woman. The new human is integral.

— Ken Wilber, 2006


When we apply integral awareness in the field of design, we are able to navigate complexity with relative grace and ease.

Integral design naturally leads towards Factor 100 Innovation and can be brought into any field of life, for example:

  • The development of an integral curriculum
  • The enhancement of business processes
  • The redesign of a healthcare system
  • The development of a shared, compelling and strategic future
  • The design of a economic ecosystem
  • The development of a food supply chain that is beneficial to all life
The term “integral”, when applied to developmental psychology, can be traced to Jean Gebser, who recognised the emergence of an, “integral-aperspectival mind”, a new form of consciousness that sees the world holistically, and deems no single perspective as final. Ken Wilber brought to large-scale attention this form of thinking as “integral”. Integral Theory is a map of the dynamics and attributes of an emergent Kosmos, and posits the emergence of human awareness in stages or waves.
Integral awareness exponentially expands human capacities to cope with ever-increasing complexity. An integral awareness results in greater behavioural freedom from the instinctual driven responses that are characteristic of earlier stages of development. An integral mind is not driven or forced to behave in a certain way; but instead, acts from a place of knowing and choice. Clare W. Graves described the transition from the first-tier levels of “human doing” to the second-tier levels of “human being” as “a major leap for mankind.”


Advisory Pricing

Our typical day rates are: £350 to £5,000 depending upon function.

To discuss your specific situation, or request a quotation, send an Email to 5 Deep.

What’s Not Included?

  • Venue rental
  • Meals, travel, accommodation expenses
  • V.A.T.

Based on our experience, successful interventions range from 2 days upwards. We do not intend our pricing to be a barrier. Our prices are flexible to the situation, given a close match with our aspirational vision.