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Factor 100 Innovation

Factor 100 Innovation is Life-Affirming

If this is true, how is it possible, in a world that faces entrenched global challenges, that it is so challenging for life-affirming innovations to see the light of day?

Embedded into society and culture, there is an irrational inertia to keep the status quo. Factor 100 Innovations are often invisible, because potential investors and advisors are likely to reject innovations that challenge the present paradigm.

Many innovators have sought involvement from 5 Deep. We provide them with the ability to translate their incomprehensible message into one that is irresistible.  This contact has resulted in an extensive supply chain of innovative technologies in different stages of development.


Advisory Pricing

Our typical day rates are: £350 to £5,000 depending upon function.

To discuss your specific situation, or request a quotation, send an Email to 5 Deep.

What’s Not Included?

  • Venue rental
  • Meals, travel, accommodation expenses
  • V.A.T.

Based on our experience, successful interventions range from 2 days upwards. We do not intend our pricing to be a barrier. Our prices are flexible to the situation, given a close match with our aspirational vision.