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5 Deep uses proven methods that equip leaders to navigate successfully through increasing complexity.

Bridging Zone


Thought Leadership

We are living in the Chaordic Zone. The Old Era is rapidly coming to a natural end, and yet ironically, its very success stifles creativity, innovation and change.  The New Era has been slowly emerging on the fringes, for about 150 years.

Thought Leadership utilises Integral Design to bridge the gap between the Old and New Eras:

  • Thought Leadership anticipates what is coming next naturally, addresses underlying issues, makes systemic change, and creates cultural resilience; all of which leads to long-term organisational and societal viability.
  • Integral Design uses deep insights plus action-based learning to create solutions that work!

Thought leadership looks back in from the balcony of an integral awareness to ensure the appropriate selection and utilisation of methods, practices and design criteria.  The utilisation of an integral map in any intervention ensures greater precision in the design and alignment of organisations through the release of motivational flow.

Advisory Pricing

Our typical day rates are: £350 to £5,000 depending upon function.

To discuss your specific situation, or request a quotation, send an Email to 5 Deep.

What’s Not Included?

  • Venue rental
  • Meals, travel, accommodation expenses
  • V.A.T.

Based on our experience, successful interventions range from 2 days upwards. We do not intend our pricing to be a barrier. Our prices are flexible to the situation, given a close match with our aspirational vision.