MIND THE GAP: From Silo-ed & Controlling to Fluid & Flexible

MIND THE GAP: From Silo-ed & Controlling to Fluid & Flexible

Globally, 87% of employees are disengaged.

How to cope with such disengagement?

What if it were possible to design public services just ahead of the curve, services that naturally lead to a healthy, vibrant and engaged civil society?

It’s possible. Start by asking the question, “what underpins disengagement?”

Employee disengagement relates to something we call, “the mind-culture gap.” The gap occurs when the mind is capable of handling greater complexity than the organisation’s systems and structures will allow. A sign of the gap is when employees feel held back by the organisational culture or, “the way we do things around here.”

The mind-culture gap is commonplace. In this workshop, “Mind The Gap,” you will learn to identify the mind-culture gap and discover what can be done to close the gap.

For example, we can test an organisational culture and its employees to identify the “mind-culture-gap”. Then, we can start to identify ways to “fast forward” the systems and structures to catch-up with the employees, in order to open a space for creativity and innovation, which ultimately leads to engagement.

What are the learning outcomes?

  • Explore and map the journey humanity has come on over the last 120,000 years.
  • Identify the “mind-culture-gap” in Scotland. In other words, what is the gap between the individual citizen, and the culture that defines how Scotland is organised today? How big is the gap? What is the nature of the gap?
  • Identify where you are personally.
  • Discuss how humanity’s journey shows-up at an organisational level.
  • Paint a picture for the road ahead.
  • Give insight into how leaders can start to close the gap and engage employees, so they can meet the needs of the public they serve.

Who is the workshop relevant for?

  • Leaders who want to shift from control through silos, to a fluid and supportive way of working.
  • Leaders who want to merge organisations and see the need to create one unified culture, i.e. Integrative Joint Boards for Health and Social Care.
  • Public servants who want to become municipal entrepreneurs, who collaboratively support those they serve, as elaborated in, The 21st Century Public Servant.
  • Human resource professionals and consultants who underpin and lead change initiatives inside organisations.

How will the day be structured?

  • The day is filled with stimulating information, based upon scientific research, to support the learner to look at their organisation, community, and world from a discerning lens in order to begin to spot the mind-cultural-gap.
  • Sprinkled throughout the day are participatory exercises to deepen the learning.
  • Key outcomes will be derived at the end of the day, and subsequently shared with the Firestarter Community.

Who is doing this workshop?

  • 5 Deep Limited, a leading expert on the practical application of the technology of human change as developed by Professor Clare W. Graves, now known as Solonics.

This FREE event is part of the Fire Starter Festival, sponsored by Workforce Scotland.


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