On a gravestone in Cambridge, Massachusetts you will find engraved the words, “CALL ME TRIMTAB”. This is Buckminster Fuller’s expression of his life’s purpose, which he took from a tiny device that sits on the edge of a rudder of a large ship.

When activated, the trim tab creates low pressure on one side of the rudder and pulls the rudder around, requiring virtually no energy to turn even large ships. Fuller spent his lifetime being an early trimtab for society, to prepare us for the big turn now underway.

By any measure, there is a great need for trimtabs around the globe. As the inertia of civilisation passes you by, you can choose, through a small movement inspired by a dynamic mind, to turn the whole big ship. You may wonder, ‘by what method or practice can I be a trimtab?’

In my view the answer is simple. By integrating the work of Clare W. Graves and Allan Savory, we can prepare ourselves to act as trimtabs in any context.

  • Mind the Gap. The work of Clare W. Graves is trimtab technology that teaches us how to:
    • Identify the root cause of disengagement.
    • Troubleshoot a culture that has become unfit for purpose.
    • Shift from hierarchical control to a proactive and self-organising team.
    • Merge organisations into one unified culture.
    • Conduct interventions with precision, resulting in effective, low-cost change.
  • Holistic Management. The work of Allan Savory is trimtab technology that teaches us how to:
    • Check every decision against the principles of how life works.
    • Think holistically when troubleshooting and diagnosing problems.
    • Manage the triple bottom line of Profit, People, and Planet, by reframing Purpose.
    • Generate wealth whilst regenerating nature at the same time.

I am always inspired by Buckminster Fuller, who demonstrated that by intelligent and fearless application of holistic thinking…

…it would be possible to take care of all humanity at higher standards of living than had ever been known by any humans — and to do so sustainably.

Critical Path, R. Buckminster Fuller, 1981, page 128.

All that you read to be on offer in this newsletter is ‘trimtab technology’ that either stimulates holistic awareness or guides its application. It is technology waiting for the dynamic mind.

What if you choose the ‘trimtab path’ to handle the wicked problems in your part of the world? In what way does just starting down the trimtab path make things different? Who would benefit? Where would you see impact right away?

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Christopher Cooke


Image Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trim_tab

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